The initial concept behind Prehistoric Channel was to one day become a 24/7 television network, a place where everyone who has ever found themselves having a passion and interest in prehistoric life can have a place to come any time of the day. With that in mind, a television channel requires enormous amounts of capital. And while Prehistoric Channel has already been pitched to a select group of investors and already existing television channels, it has been determined at this point in time that Prehistoric Channel will not be raising or looking for outside money. We hope you sincerely decided to subscribe to Prehistoric Magazine as all the funds from that will be put into the actual channel itself. We thank you for your support and look forward to this difficult yet exciting task.



prehistoric magazine


PREHISTORIC MAGAZINE is an online publication that goes out quarterly four times a year. The magazine as the name implies focuses on life from the prehistoric past. A major goal and inspiration for the magazine itself has been to tell the stories that have never been told, focusing our efforts and attention on the awe inspiring cast of creatures that for some reason or another have not received the attention they should.  With topics ranging from dinosaurs to other forms of prehistoric life, the magazine also. Prehistoric aims to cover a wide array of areas.


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